Create Dynamic, Professional Information.

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Create Your Own Emails

Our easy-to-use email editor allows you to create and publish emails with no technical knowledge. Choose pre-built templates to help you get started quickly.

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Track Email Data

Email tracking keeps you informed on your campaign's open and bounce rates and subscribe/unsubscribe lists so you know what your audience is reading.

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Dynamic Links

Increase sales and support your Reps by adding links to your Customer Newsletters. Our dynamic links will redirect customers to the last Rep they purchased from.


Send Newsletters with Confidence and Ease.

  • – Create and send newsletters to Reps and Customers with complete control and ease.
  • – Send mass emails, track their use, verify email addresses and much more.  
  • – Design your own emails or choose from our pre-built templates.
  • – Send test emails to private lists before publishing so you can send with confidence.

Professional Content Is In Your Hands.

  • – Add your own content, text, and images. No technical knowledge necessary.
  • – Create your own full-color newsletters.
  • – Build professional looking email campaigns ready to be sent anytime.
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Create and Share In Minutes.

  • – Manage numerous subscriber lists to help you stay connected with your audience.
  • – Share product information, news, events, and updates to individual groups.
  • – Prepare emails to targeted focus groups and schedule in advance.
  • – Measure each email campaign to track its success.

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